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BKK Fangs-63-UA Treble 1

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Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

BKK Fangs 63 UA Treble 1

Serious strength & superior corrosion resistance, the BKK Fangs 63 UA Treble hooks are the perfect replacements for your favorite salt water hard baits. Versatile 3x strong feature a traditional O'Shaughnessy structure that has been proven to deliver outstanding hook up rate and retention. Hook points come needle sharp ensuring excellent penetration performance. With Ultra anti-rust coating provides maximum corrosion resistance. Length of the hook shank makes these trebles suitable for swimsuits, swimming plugs, pencils, walking top waters and all varieties of poppers. 


  • 3x Strong
  • Needle Sharp
  • Ultra anti-rust coating for maximum corrosion resistance
  • Great hook shank