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BKK SS Mutsu 3X Heavy Ringed Circle Hooks Pro Pack 25pk

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Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

BKK SS Mutsu 3X Heavy Ringed Circle Hooks Pro Pack 25pk

The BKK RINGED MUTSU CIRCLE HEAVY-SS is a stronger version of the MUTSU CIRCLE MEDIUM developed for heavier offshore applications with both live baits and chunk baits. It features a super sharp offset point which together with the SS coating delivers faster hookups and easier bait rigging. In addition, thanks to BKK’s proprietary HCS (Hyper Carbon Steel), the hook structure is strong enough to hold big fish like blue and yellowfin tuna. The Additional solid ring allows the bait fish to swim livelier and naturally enticing more bites.


  • A welded ring, allows the bait to swim more naturally
  • Offset point for better hookups
  • Forged shank for increased strength
  • Super slide coating increases the hook penetration performance due to the extremely low friction the PTFE coating provides
  • BKK's proprietaryn HCS (Hyper Carbon Steel) is 25% stronger and 30% harder than traditional high-carbon steels