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Tackle House

Tackle House Feed Poppers

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Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

Tackle House Feed Poppers

Another fascinating lure from Tackle House, wide cup allow water to splash on the pop to attracted predator from a distance. The sound is the most important feature of this lure: even with a slight jerk of the rod, the FEED POPPER's mouth cup creates popping sounds. It floats almost upright on the surface, creating a perfect set-up for inhalation by target fish, and can also perform an intensive hopping action in a specific pinpointed area. It has a compact body, but considerable casting distance is guaranteed due to its high density.


The 175 series is the longest and heaviest popper allowing excellent casting distance. It is an excellent offshore popper for tuna. Paired perfectly with Owner ST-66 3/0 trebles. 


The 150 series can be used offshore and from the shore.  It is a very versatile lure for a variety of fish species.



  • Compact body
  • Mouse cup for perfect pop
  • Perfectly weighted for long casts

Target Fish: Tuna, Bonito, Yellowtail, Amberjack, Mahi Mahi , Cubera and other offshore species.